Abrasive Waterjet Services

MESH owns and operates a Flow Mach 3 abrasive waterjet machine with a five axis dynamic head for taper control. This machine and our operation has the following features. 

Waterjet Services Include

  • • Material size up to 78" x 122" x 10" thick
  • • Fully programmable precision "Z" axis
  • • Material type - All metals, plastics, Polycarbonate, ceramics, foam, Phenolics, wood and    others
  • • Automatic taper compensation to produce 2D parts with tight tolerances at higher speeds
  • • Accuracy .004/.005" Ball bar method.
  • • Accuracy in taper .003" on 1" thick material
  • • Electric hoist loading and unloading of materials with vacuum or magnetic end of hoist    tooling dramatically reduces or eliminates surface scratches to the finished parts.
  • • Flownest software to utilize remnants and nest parts efficiently allows MESH to price   parts with a minimum of scrap or unused inventory allowance.








Abrasive Waterjet

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